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“Circulo Formacion specializes in providing full marketing, communication and consulting services to different sectors, especially the Education sector, offering efficient marketing, management and recruitment solutions to Universities, Colleges, Business Schools, Primary and Secondary Schools and High Schools.”

“Since 1997, Circulo Formacion team strives to care for and improve the quality of Graduate and Undergraduate Education, seeking the adaptation to the demands and real needs of the nowadays competitive and globalized labor market.”

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The International Postgraduate Studies Fair (FIEP) is, since 1997, the postgraduate education meeting that brings together the most prestigious Universities and Business Schools around the world.

"FIEP has become the leading graduate fair in Europe and Latin America, held every year in 29 cities in 14 countries"

The prestige, quality and number of participating institutions make FIEP a major fair, a must, for all those seeking a graduate degree.

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The International University Fair UNITOUR is, since 2006, the meeting point in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Andorra where high school students meet University admissions officers, so that the future University students may know, first-hand, all the available University offer to design their academic future.

"UNITOUR has become the main European University Fair, visited every year by over 700 schools and 30,000 students, parents and counselors"

UNITOUR is the meeting places that helps students to design their own future career, making the right choice on two key issues, what to study? and where to study?

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Circulo Formacion offers customers its experience of over 20 years in the sector and its professionals through Advice and Consulting Services.

"Our services are aimed at Universities, Higher Educationa Institutions, Business Schools, Schools of Design and Arts, Graduate Institutes as well as Primary and Secondary schools and High School centers."

Through different projects, tailored to fit customer needs, The Advice and Consulting services provide strategic advice on issues such as the internationalization of educational institutions, market analysis and competition, new product development, corporate communications, student selection and admission processes, student recruitment, professional management recruitment for educational institutions, among others.


Our 20 years experience in the field of training and Higher Education, allows us to carry out different marketing actions, generating effective impacts on the best profiles, depending on the different objectives of each campaing.

Type of actions:

"University on-site actions, particularly targeting last year University students and future college students. Using our large partners network, we can plan and carry out actions in more than 100 Universities in Spain and Portugal."

"Online campaigns: e-mail marketing actions and also actions in social networks, especially Facebook, where we count on over 40,000 followers."

Test Aden

ADEN is the very first Online Admissions Test for Business Schools and Universities fully created and developed in Spain by Circulo Formacion and the consulting company Psicologos Empresariales, specialized in the professional recruitment field.

"ADEN makes Business Schools to optimize their student admission processes, assuring that their profile and skills fit the high standards set by the institution."

Trough a system of standardized comprehensive assessment, ADEN Test provides an objective assessment of the potential candidates, in addition to detecting and managing their professional potential to create work teams and promote fast job placement, according to their profile, through career services department.

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Círculo Formación latest news

La Nueva Crónica

Solo un 20% de los estudiantes de Bachillerato de León sabe qué grado estudiar

Solo un 20 por ciento de los jóvenes estudiantes de Bachillerato leoneses, el 19 por ciento de los vallisoletanos y el 12 por ciento de los burgaleses sabe con seguridad qué grado quiere estudiar, según un estudio realizado por la consultora Círculo Formación al término del Salón de Orientación Universitaria Unitour.

Jun 6th, 2023

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Tribuna Valladolid

El ratio de estudiantes que sabe lo que va a estudiar en la universidad es del 19% en Valladolid

Según el último estudio de Unitour, realizado a una muestra de 15.000 jóvenes de toda España (de segundo de bachillerato) en el curso 2022-2023, la mayoría duda entre varias opciones: en Valladolid un 43 por ciento baraja tres posibles titulaciones, mientras que un 29 por ciento duda entre dos, y un 9 por ciento no tiene una idea clara de lo que quiere estudiar.

Jun 6th, 2023

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La Vanguardia

El 14% de los estudiantes de Bachillerato que ha acudido a UNITOUR no sabía qué grado quería estudiar

Sólo un catorce por ciento de los jóvenes de Bachillerato logroñeses sabe con seguridad qué grado quiere estudiar, pero el 86 por ciento no lo tiene claro, según un estudio realizado por la consultora Círculo Formación al término del Salón de Orientación Universitaria UNITOUR entre sus asistentes.

Jun 4th, 2023

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